Alternative water softening technology. This system runs on electricity and, unlike other cleaning systems, does not require consuming material during operation.
Scale Blaster is a state-of-the-art technological cleaning tool and is mounted on an inlet water line. Under the influence of Scale Blaster it smoothes the sharp ends of salty salts and prevents the salts’ ability to adhere to the surface and the formation of spleen.

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What is ScaleBlaster?

ScaleBlaster innova_v is a small-scale, fully-integrated computer-controlled water softener. It can be easily installed on your home, office or production line


Cod Water Sustainable Solution

ScaleBlaster is the first and only electronic to prevent harping in the domestic, commercial and industrial areas

dry. There are hundreds of areas for ScaleBlaster implementation.

From residential complexes to commercial and industrial areas, ScaleBlaster is a world leader and innovator in solving cod water problems without the use of salt and chemicals.


Sediment Deposits

– Capture of shower head

– Increase of water consumption

– Increased heating costs

– It causes water pressure to drop


ScaleBlaster Cleanup of Scarp

– Piping system

– Water heaters

– Dishwashers

– Washing machines

– Water faucets

– Sanitary equipment

Why ScaleBlaster?

So far, there have been two main solutions to solve severe water problems – the use of softeners or water softeners with the addition of persistent hazardous chemicals.


Application Areas

Cooling Systems



Health facilities

Poultry farms




Crop farms