Using the most valuable natural minerals that form the basis of technology, MineralPure applies copper / silver ionization to pools and spa waters.
It is scientifically proven that silver ions destroy bacteria and viruses, and copper ions are algae.
You do not want to go into the chlorine pool again after swimming in a pool treated with MineralPure.

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Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer on our planet. It is 55 times more potent than chlorine and is reacting rapidly

3,000 times faster. It increases the transparency of the water, controls the cryptospodridium and E. coli, destroys the remaining harmful bacteria. Ozone is derived from the decomposition of oxygen molecules by UV rays. As a result, a free oxygen molecule (O1) is obtained. It combines with normal O2 molecules to form O3


Work priciple

The system produces high concentrated oxidizer and venturi integrated with the system

water through the pipe. Ozone neutralizes harmful particles in water by oxidizing them.


End to Negative Impacts!

For nearly 100 years, chlorine has been recognized as the only way to disinfect the pools.

Chlorine is very expensive and evaporates in pools. Pool users smell chlorine and eyes

suffer from redness. Chlorine is a powerful acid and is harmful.


Advantages of the system

The mineral releases safe minerals into pure water, is non-toxic and long-term cleaning

provides. In the case of chlorine oxidation of harmful substances, Mineralpure algae, bacteria and

kills viruses. Chlorine only oxidizes harmful particles. The ionic device is the composition of the water

It completely cleanses bacteria and their residues.