Guaranteed destruction of harmful germs

The new generation Ultra Purple Softening System of Atlantium works with the principle of medium-pressure radiation. With the use of Fiberoptic and hydraulic mechanisms that change the style of ultraviolet radiation, these devices can achieve maximum efficiency. The software of the equipment constantly regulates the required dose of UV rays and provides real-time control.
This innovative UV system provides complete protection against germs, which in turn enable the use of the PharmGuard (TM) primary disinfection system. At the same time, dependence on chemicals is reduced.

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Complete compliance with regulatory requirements


* Compliance with PW and WFI standards.

* EPA Compliance Testing by International Organizations. The test result

It was found that the equipment reduced the number of viruses by 4 times and the number of bacteria by up to 5 times.

* This is the only system that reduces the number of viruses by up to four times in the fight against adenovirus.

* Built-in software continuously adjusts UV radiation dosage for complete destruction of microorganisms throughout the life cycle.


Advantages of hydro-optics


* Heart of the Atlan_um system – high quality quartz (instead of traditional metal chamber)

is an air-conditioned disinfecting chamber.

* This unique configuration captures photons of UV radiation using fiberoptic principles,

and continuously reflects them on the surface of the water layer on the walls of the quartz chamber

* Absent well-thought out design, no moving parts, partitions, brushes

therefore, the quartz provides an equal flow of water to the chamber.

* Long UV paths and equal flow of water UV radiation in equal doses of all microorganisms

ensures receipt.

* All microorganisms receive low dose UV radiation, not moderate.


Why is it the ultraviolet system of medium pressure?


* Broad-spectrum UV radiation – (200-415nm) includes high-frequency viruses and low-frequency waves that play a key role in the disinfection of algae.

* Multiple mechanisms of action include protein breakdown and restriction of reparative enzymes. The mentioned mechanism provides for the revitalization of disinfected microorganisms


* Energy-Efficient Technology: A 50% savings in energy and no significant energy loss, provided double dosage and effects.

* Operation of the lamp, regardless of the temperature of the water

* Absence of external products that may result from disinfection.


Generation and intensity units of low- and medium-pressure UV radiation are different:

The low-pressure lamp generates a single wavelength (254 nm), while the medium-pressure lamps create a broadband wave and distribute it to the entire UV equipment neutralization surface.


Protects disinfected water


* Meets W / WFI standards.

* UV regulates the dosage of rays so that it can act as the main disinfectant.

* Disinfected water by switching from hot water disinfection to the UB Pharm Guard system

a significant reduction in carbon footprint is possible.

* Reducing the need for thermal sanitary disinfection, which requires high costs

it eliminates the loss of time and money in the process.


Technological water disinfection


* Installed anywhere near industrial equipment and ensures proper water quality.

* Can be used for preventive cleaning at the entrance of opposite osmosis systems.

* Same efficiency in both hot and cold water.

* Can be used as the main disinfectant in hot water contours.


Material advantages


High quality Quartz camera with easy to clean. Smooth, chemically-resistant, continuous sterile cleaning chamber as a mirror surface. The camera can be used in all types of cleaning directions. Pharmaceutical cleaners are also sanitary three-welded electric wiring in a stainless steel protection box.


Atlantium’s thick-walled, short-sleeved, ultra-slim, ultra-easy to navigate installation

Comparison of purple system sausages with other ultraviolet system manufacturers with extremely long, thin and thin wall