Multimedia filters are used to extract saturated substances, turbidity and other particles in the water. The system is organized by placing several layers inside the trunk with different granulometers. In addition to removing solid particles from the Multi Media filters, the second task is to protect the equipment that will be deployed afterwards. With a properly installed filtration system and other cleaning filters the load life and efficiency of the equipment will be increased as the load is minimized. Multimedia filters are used for pre-treatment for industrial and drinking water, as well as for removing water contamination in wastewater treatment systems. Multimedia filters provide the best solution for different areas to meet your filtering needs. They work optimally with ease of use and service support. Parameters affecting the efficiency of multimedia filters; well positioning of the filter housing and choosing the correct surface speed. In a well-established multimedia filter chosen for surface contamination, the filtration accuracy is less than 15-20 microns. During the service period, the particles between the filtration layers are filtered and discharged during washing, cleaning the filter material and renewing the environment.

Iron and manganese filters, special minerals; of iron and manganese up to 5 ppm in water can be reduced to drinking and used water standards (Fe = 0.2 ppm – Mn = 0.05 ppm). No special reagents are needed for these particular minerals. Also eliminates hydrogen sulfide, methane, free carbon dioxide and high levels of organic matter in water. Since Aqualine is a human health priority in filtration systems, the minerals used in our systems meet international nutritional standards.


Activated charcoal filters are used in water to clean up unnecessary chlorine, color, taste, odor gases, residues and organic matter. Activated charcoal is a material with a very large surface area (1000-1500 m2 / g). The efficiency of the activated charcoal filter is determined by the characteristics of the activated carbon used in the filter layer and the selection of the correct water filtration rate. In activated charcoal systems, the absorption mechanism acts in the same way as the filtration mechanism for water treatment. For this reason, activated carbon filters are physical and chemical cleaning systems. Activated charcoal filters operate automatically without human intervention. It is updated every 15 to 20 minutes a day by performing an automatic reversing Another issue to consider with regard to activated charcoal is the ability of the mineral layer to create a suitable environment for bacteria growth. Because activated carbon accumulates organic matter and if there is bacteria in water, then those bacteria can reproduce using these organic substances. In these cases, bacteria may leak. For this reason, it is important to disinfect water before and after activated coal.

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