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The Aeroiod Sea Air Generator is a device for saturating the air with the missing iodine.

In the Aeroiod Sea Air Generator, KI vapors are formed by the evaporation of potassium iodide salts and their thermal condensation. When heated in air, aerosols are formed that are stable in atmospheric air; they are easily carried around the room while in suspension.

Once in the body during respiration, the particles penetrate the lungs and bronchi and, bypassing the stomach, enter the bloodstream.

Oversaturation does not occur: the body itself monitors this, without absorbing more than required, the excess is excreted by the kidneys



According to scientific centers, the actual average iodine intake by a resident of Azerbaijan is 40 – 80 micrograms per day, which is 2 to 3 times less than the daily requirement, and 20% of the population has an increase in the thyroid gland caused by iodine deficiency.



Currently, a number of diseases are known due to iodine deficiency in various periods of life:


At any age

– goiter,

– clinical or subclinical hypothyroidism


The fetus and newborn have high perinatal mortality

– congenital malformations,

– congenital hypothyroidism,

– cretinism


In children and adolescents

– a delay in mental and physical development,

– decreased performance, poor performance,

– high incidence and susceptibility to chronic diseases,

– violation of sexual development


In adults and the elderly

– a decrease in physical and intellectual performance,

– acceleration of atherosclerosis


Women of childbearing age

– infertility and not bearing a pregnancy,

– anemia


Using the Aeroiod device, it is possible to ensure a daily rate of iodine intake according to medical standards (from 50 to 200 μg / day depending on the person’s age) and thus solve the acute problem of iodine deficiency.




Treatment methods:

The methods that are proposed to overcome iodine deficiency are based either on taking pills or on the addition of iodine to food. That is, in both cases, iodine enters the body through the stomach.

This way is ineffective, since it assimilates no more than 5 – 8% of the iodine taken. And that means, in order to assimilate the right amount, you will have to swallow tablets or eat food containing iodine. In addition, tablets can cause food allergies, and taste preferences – to resist the proposed food. In addition, starchy, salty and spicy foods interfere with the absorption of tablets with iodine, iodized salt decomposes when heated, so it can only be used to add salt to cooked foods, and seafood cannot be salted, because iodine atoms are replaced by more active chlorine atoms.

The above factors show that the method of replenishing iodine in the body through air saturated with vapors of iodine salts is the most promising.



– Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 120x130x350 mm;

– Power consumption: 85 W;

– Noise level: 0 dB (A);

– Weight: 4 kg;

– Productivity: 1 μg / s;

– Time to exit to the mode: 50-60 min.;

– The service life of interchangeable elements: Refueling one capsule is enough for 7 months – 1 year.


Scheme of work:

  1. Instrument body
  2. A stove that heats the capsule with potassium iodide salts installed in it to a temperature of 720C
  3. Fan (at the option of the manufacturer)
  4. The control unit
  5. Capsule with potassium iodide salts
  6. Cover perforation made of stainless steel
  7. Screw for attaching the instrument cover to the housing